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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #66: Happy Holidays to you and your Space Stat

Thanks for the win!

Weyoun: I've scored again!!! Wahey!
Dukat: (mumbling) And scored with the lady too...

Odo (o/s): What's this Doctor? Self prescribing your own medicines for what? Medicinal purposes or pleasure?
Bashir: Well if you must know, I'm working on a concoction to make me more feisty in the bed department.
Odo (o/s): I thought you were genetically enhanced?
Bashir: That part of me wasn't...

Lieutenant: According to these blood readings your grandfather sir is actually Stevie Wonder in disguise!

Kira: Why is that guys are more drawn to artefacts then women?
Jadzia: I mean we are the two hottest ladies in this station, right Benjamin? Benjamin?

Jadzia (o/s): Have you ever seen a woman naked before Worf?
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

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