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Re: If big budget/shiny SFX space opera is out of the question...

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My idea is based more on something Earth centered.
The first season of ENT was supposed to be on earth before the ship left.
An idea they dropped at some point. DS9 was original going to be based almost exclusively aboard the station, to continue producing interesting stories, they changed to the station being the "home-base."

"Earth slowly becoming a global community," it sounds overly political. So does "Vulcans guiding humanity." Star Trek has featured politics of course, but that has never been the core of any of the series. Too many story lines centered on "building the interstellar coalition" is one of the reasons ST: Enterprise's ratings simply died.

Usually Mage, when pitching a new idea to a network, you'd walking with a few sample script outlines (at least). Who would be your major characters? Where is the center of your story, the politics, the Vulcans, rebuilding the war torn areas, Cochrane? You can't have the story too segmented, can't jump around too much.

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I can see how the Post Atomic horrors wouldn't be entertaining to watch, but since it's a part of canon, some fans will bitch and whine if it wasn't in there.
A nice work around for that would be ... I figure that just like "world wars" of the past, the third world war effected only certain geographical portions of the Earth and it's population.The major impact for the world in general would be the failure of international infrastructure and commerce.

Six and a half percent of Humans died, leaving over ninety-three percent alive, most of them physically removed from the direct effects of war and combat. The "post atomic horrors" would involve a fraction of the Human race. Perhaps only a handful of cities.

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