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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

Y is one of the finest modern comics in my very limited opinion (I only came back to comics about a year ago), but the depth of the story and the scope of it all is wonderful. The finale is also just... ugh, wrenching.

I'd recommend pretty much most things by Brian K Vaughan, though I am just finishing up Ex Machina and have so far, apart from some of the comedic moments, found it to be a touch too self impressed and a little too interested in pushing the political angle rather than developing an actual story. Still, it has some profound ideas (and action-oriented flashbacks) and some fun character beats, but overall the leaning is a little too political and, for oddly for Vaughan, obvious!

Now, Saga, his newest adventure is everything the recent Star Wars films weren't. Mythical, full of whimsy, big Space Opera ideas and interesting political material. Oh and TV's having sex. Fiona Staples is probably the best artist he's collaberated with since Niko Henrichon on Pride of Baghdad and it is the most complete new series of the year to my mind. Well, along withMatt Fraction/David Aja's Hawkeye, which has the finest 6 first issues I've read since, well, Saga. Ha!

I wish more people talked about the comics that are out there which AREN'T from the big two, or heck even from the smaller sub-labels. But no-one seems to want to talk about Sweet Tooth, The Unwritten, Fatale, Luthor Strode, Manhattan Projects and a bunch of other comics which, issues after issue, I find FAR more interesting than the standard Big Two output.

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