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TNG Caption This! 297: Brace for Holidays!

Happy Sunday everyone! See? I told you I'd try to get things back to weekends!

First up to the plate, we have the "Dangerous Games" Award, going to:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Vulcan wrote: View Post

Cowboy: "So much for the dealer... and the waitress behind him, and the two guys at the blackjack table behind her... and the one armed bandit... and the wall..."
Riker: "Perhaps you shouldn't roll the dice quite so hard."
Worf: "Impressive... Was this game invented by a Klingon?"
Next, we have the "Don't Mess With Wes" Award, going to:

Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

On Klingon vessels, authority is taken through combat. Not given by weak and cowardly rules. Under my command, cowardice will be reprimanded -

<Wesley jumps up and kicks him in the nards>

Data <to Kurn, writhing on floor>: Never mess with Ensign Crusher's grade point average.
Next, we have the "Failed Attempts at Romance" Award, going to:

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

WESLEY: So I started throwing chairs at her like you said.
WORF: And it didn't work?
WESLEY: No, she threatened to press charges.
WORF: I don't understand humans.
Next, we have the "Shape up or we'll get an obedient Klingon" Award, going to:

shivkala wrote: View Post

Picard: Damn it, Geordi, we're trying to all turn dramatically on cue, like in those old TV show intros. If you can't get it right, I'm afraid we'll have to replace you with Worf.
Next, we have the "Unusual Conditions" Award, going to:

Isis wrote: View Post

Crusher: "Calm down, Jean-Luc. You think you're the first to have this problem?"

Picard: "Actually, yes. In fact, I'm so sure, I'll bet you 100 quatloos you've never seen another bald man with severe dandruff."
Couldn't choose between these two for the Photoshop Award, so they're both winners!

Santa Kang wrote: View Post

PICARD: I guess you could say, he was phased out.

Music swells: Yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!

PICARD: Geordi, its glasses off, then on.

GEORDI: I hate you guys.

captain crow wrote: View Post

Star Grinch wrote: View Post

Data: Query commander, what do you mean by "loaded" dice?
Riker: Thanks a lot Data....
Casino Employee: You two will have to come with us.
Many thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners!

And now, with the holidays on imminent approach, lets Caption!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you!

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