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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

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If you're a fan of the Borg, you need to read the fantastic Destiny trilogy of books by David Mack.
Fantastic?! Not in my opinion, I really don't like this trilogy. It's silly, it involves humans of all people directly in both the creation and the end of the collective (and not just any humans, humans directly tied to trek shows we saw on tv).
It completely demystifies the Borg, Later TNG episodes and Voyager weakened the Borg, they turned from an unbeatable force of nature into another punching bag for the federation heroes.
Destiny takes them and completely destroys them. Sure, the writer has billions of people die to make the Borg look like the unbeatable force of nature they once were, but then the collective is dissolved, the end, game over, all Borg gone. The tornado was bitchslapped and became a nice summer brease, the tsunami was told to piss off ... force of nature? Yeah, right.
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