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Re: The "what are you working on?" Art thread.

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I decided to participate in this month's art challenge over at The theme is "Art Gladiators," to be interpreted however the artist likes. I chose to go with the idea of a digital art project coming to life and turning on its creator:

I'm going to paint in a number of opponents for my angry gladiator, some already defeated, some still standing. The last couple will just be outlines the artist is in the process of filling in until Mr. Gladiator decides he has quite enough opponents already and delivers a stinging message to the artist to KNOCK IT OFF!

Latest progress on Mr. Gladiator:

That almost immediately brought this to mind.

Yeeooucch!!! Telling by the amount of blood spots, that nick is gonna leave a mark!!

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Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to reveal this bad girl:

I have been working on this very drawing for weeks, and decided to scan it before going in to erase any random sketch streaks and marks, and finalize all of the details and such, as well as colorize her with markers. Due to being a staunch perfectionist, I figured it might be another few weeks at the rate I'm going.

The Falken is a sub-class of the Sparrow, and a direct descendent of the Miranda/Avenger class Heavy Frigate. At this point, by my count, she is to have 4 Pulse Phaser Turrets, 16 Phaser Arrays, 6 Torpedo Launchers, and no less than 16 Retractable Point Defense Phaser Turrets. I consider the Sparrow family at this point to be the bigger brother (or sister, if you prefer) of the Merian class, which is meant less for scientific duties, and more for combat.

As you can see from some cut off edges, I had a (not so) fun time scanning this. I wish my family had a bigger scanner, because having to constantly try to get that right position for maximum scanning is a drag.

I am diggin' this...a lot! Looking forward to seeing your progress.
Thanks! I hope to get back to work on it tomorrow, and get started on some preliminary schematics soon.
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