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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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So I've been watching Season 2 on SyFy HD (I can see them for free - why buy the set?!)
...I don't know. Maybe to show support towards something they like? To have a tangible copy to loan, resell or just hold onto? Maybe it's because the BluRay sets come with wonderful special features that spare no expense? Maybe it's because we get two alternate cuts of one of the most critically acclaimed episodes of TNG including commentary?

Oh, one other thing. If you're paying for the channel, it's not free.

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Is it me or are the Bird of Prey effects shots VERY good CG? The establishing shots after ad breaks especially looked pretty solid too me. They may have been DNR'd to oblivion however, but they looked really sharp and close to the original (of course, they may be the original).
That Bird of Prey wasn't CGI. It was stock footage from Star Trek III.
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