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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Ah, I wouldn't think to look for that track in "The Naked Time" score. You guys have got these hundreds of tracks memorized already, don't you? Hot dog, thanks a million.
Well, that particular one was included on the previous GNP Crescendo release of "The Naked Time" (with "Shore Leave"), so it was one I already knew about before this set even came out. (I even mentioned it earlier in the thread, when I was replying to the track-listing releases by mentioning what hadn't been released before and what was presented differently on the earlier releases. On the GNP version, the trailer music was included before the rest of the "Naked Time" score rather than at the end.)

Kamdan wrote: View Post
It would have been nice if they had included the Vulcan harp instrumental music to Charlie Is My Darling, which was used in The Way to Eden. I don't see it listed on the tracks.
It's at the beginning of the "Charlie Is My Darling" track, as I recall.

Kamdan wrote: View Post
Speaking of Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, where did the music come from when they're running through the ship with the burning buildings superimposed?
If I recall correctly, that music was from "Where No Man Has Gone Before," though I don't know the cue title.
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