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I know what you mean about how the the Enterprise had her bow plowing forward in the TOS opening. I kind of liked that too. But having the nacelles pitched back at an angle is making it look like the Sagittarius is going to flip over backwards.

NX/NCC-20110 is way to low for a late 24th century vessel, and suggests that she is from the Lost Era/around the same time as the Ambassador class.

If we are to assume that she is from around the same time as the Sovereign class, a registry somewhere from NX-738XX to NX-75XXX would be more appropriate.

The wings supporting the nacelles from the primary hull is an interesting design trait, one which I might want to play around with myself at some point. I like adding little fins to my designs here and there myself. From the front, the circular main deflector sort of gives the vessel an overall appearance reminiscent of something from the Space Battleship Yamato Universe.

I think what you need to do is find ways to better balance your design, better integrate the fins and wings into the hulls, so they don't look like they've been tacked on, but more like they flow out from the hull, and find ways to simplify and sleeken the Sagittarius. She needs to look more like she was carved out of a single shape, rather than a few shapes brought together.
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