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Re: The Walking Dead renewed for season 4/Glen Mazzara out

I hear they've also renewed their remake of the Killing for a third season. Has anyone actually enjoed that series?

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Mad Men gets the awards, Walking Dead gets the ratings.
And Breaking Bad rules the internets.

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It's a nonsensical, counterproductive decisions. Someone in a suit thinks the showrunner doesn't matter and, per usual, they're wrong.
The worst thing is is that season 3 has easily been the best stretch of the series. One can't hold Glen Mazzara completely to blame for how slow the second season was - Walking Dead's budget was slashed (after it was clear it was a monster hit for AMC) and the AMC wanted the whole thing filmed indoors, preferably on a single set. That the season had iffy character work can be more fairly laid at Mazzara's feet, but given a decent budget he's made season 3 a rollercoaster ride of Stuff Happening, with a real sense of momentum and arcing.

It's not been perfect - the often weak character writing that bedevilled season two rears its head more than once - but Walking Dead's first half of its third season was one of my most entertaining TV shows of 2012.

It's entirely possible the show can keep steamrolling along without him - it has Kirkman's comic to draw on, and Mazzara himself was a replacement (and frankly an improvement) over Frank Darabont - but I'd prefer this kind of thing to stop happening.

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It won't be long before no sane person will pitch his show ideas to AMC.
Breaking Bad ends next year. Mad Men has what, two seasons left? Pretty soon AMC will be relying on Walking Dead, and although that show brings the ratings like crazy it doesn't quite bring the prestige.
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