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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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I've noticed that we don't ever get to see Peter weller or his character in the trailers ? I wonder why ? Does his character have a big secret part to this film perhaps he's the other Bad guy we don't know about it ??
I don't know that there's anything especially mysterious about not having seen Peter Weller's character yet. At this point during the buildup to the last movie, had we seen Ayel? Had we seen Captain Pike?
I'm pretty sure Pike appeared in the first teaser. At least, his voice did - the "I dare you to do better" speech he gave to Kirk.
You're right - my mistake. And Pike actually is seen for a fraction of a second later on ("Prepare to fire all weapons!")

Still, that we haven't seen all of the primary and secondary characters appear in trailers yet, at five months out - not really so strange.

The promo for the last movie was very carefully timed and paced, only kicking into high gear for the last six weeks or so prior to release; I'd expect much the same to happen, this time out. And if Weller's character is important to the plot, as you suggest he might be, then it's entirely possible that we'll be teased with that a few times first, before anything significant gets revealed.
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