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Re: The Body Electric just hit iBooks

Yes, I am willing to pay a bit extra if that means I don't have to jump through some extra hoops and have to wade through some semi-legal swamps. (As I said above you're violating BOB's TOS every time you strip an eBook of it's DRM, and I'm sure most, if not any other eBook vendor has similar rules in their TOS)

Add to that

... that I'm an Amazon customer for many years now and never had one problem with them.

... that I'm perfectly content with my Kindle and don't see a reason to switch to another brand even if my current device breaks down sometime down the line.

... that I don't need to use a credit card or something like PayPal to pay them.

... that I don't want to give my information to any random website that happens to be a few cents cheaper this week.

... that I don't tinker with my eBooks, cause I yet have to encounter an eBook that was unreadable. (I know for you an eBook becomes unreadable if it isn't in the font you prefer, but not everyone is as anal-retentive as you.)

... that I'm out of my home for at least 14 hours each workday (Commute, work, commute), and don't want to waste time with going through several steps to purchase my books where one step is possible.

... that books are one of the few "luxury items" I buy, so I'm willing to not have to search for what is the cheapest site at the very moment I want to purchase a book.

TL;DR version: Yes, I will continue to buy the overpriced, coded in an obsolete format (another one of your classic remarks IIRC), DRM-infested books via Amazon.
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