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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I'm listening to "Mudd's Women" and there's one track I can't find. I've listened to all the Mudd tracks on disc three.

On the DVD it's at the 7:13 minute mark, right after McCoy's "Amen to that, Scotty." The women walk out of the transporter room and there's some type of "hotsy-totsy" music as we see their asses down the corridor. It's used in other eps, I recall hearing it used for the gangster's moll in "Piece of the Action", among others.

I can't find it in the "Mudd's Women" tracks. I can't find it in any library tracks in any of the three seasons in this set.
It's from the music Courage wrote for the "Mudd's Women" preview trailer that was aired at the end of "The Naked Time" in the original run. It's therefore included as part of the "Naked Time" program, as Track 30 on Disc 2. (And since it wasn't re-recorded for season 2, that means its use in "A Piece of the Action" is another example of the show bending the rules about reusing music from previous seasons.)
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