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Re: Where do I start?

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I just watched Rose and the next episode about the end of the world. I can't remember the title. It was close to midnight when I watched it. I do like it, so I'll keep watching. It's a good reason to keep Netflix.
Another question. Is there a continuity with all the series, or is each one a reboot? How will the answer affect my watching?

And if all of this companions are as cute as Rose, I'm definately watching more.
Not so much a reboot, but, the Companion is a method of explaining things to the audience (IE: If the audience is expected to need an explanation for something, the Companion will ask the Doctor about it so he can explain it). So, when the Companion changes, you have a blank slate, where you can explain the simple stuff to the audience again. When the Doctor changes, he gets a new face and new personality (And often changes to the TARDIS) so that causes changes in the Series. The first four Series of NuWHo are self contained arcs within the season, but, it's not reset, nor forgotten about and stuff is sometimes revisted later on. This formula gets a little more complicated when you get to the 5th Series where the current Doctor starts.
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