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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

I agree that Sherlock isn't slash. The innuendo strikes me for that very reason as juvenile in a way that Downey/Law, which I think is slash, doesn't. To me, it seemed like very ugly, slovenly writing, one of the things that kept me from thinking Sherlock was brilliant.

I find I rather prefer a less superhuman Sherlock alongside a more admirable Watson. On those grounds too, I found the chemistry others see between Cumberbatch and Freeman distinctly lacking. Cumberbatch did a similar but much more appealing role in The Last Enemy, though, and maybe my memories of it made his Sherlock less appealing?

But maybe not? I don't believe sociopaths or psychopaths are at all appealing. (And the terms are synonyms, no matter what some of the applingly stupid dialogue would tell you.) I don't really believe this Sherlock gives a shit. It's remarkable how much that lessens the viewing experience.
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