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Re: It's not just a new control room...

Valin wrote: View Post
Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that posters are using spoiler code for theme music/titles?
This isn't the first time such a thing has been done. I remember when Enterprise did the special opening credits for its MU two-parter, the description of it was spoiler coded.

What I thought was ridiculous was several years ago when the title to the BSG episode He That Believeth in Me was announced, a shit storm started in the BSG forum with someone upset because "that should be spoiler coded!"

The Stig wrote: View Post
Cripes, it's like all the crappy details from old Who are coming back. The ridiculous face in the credits, the boring and sterile control room.

What the hell, Moffat?
This is the anniversary year, and the face in the credits was an integral part of classic Who. It was featured in everyone's credits except for Hartnell and McGann.

You may not like it, but everyone else seems to. In fact, I remember an online petition to bring the face back after Smith was cast.

As for the console room, I've never thought too highly of the one we've had since season 5 anyway, so I say good riddance.
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