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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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Overwhelmingly the problem. What's the gender divide on murders?
Women don't shoot, they poison.
I said murder, not shoot
We'll, I've just been concentrating on Chicago this last little bit (last link above) and women were 9.x percent of victims, but 10.4 percent of offenders, so, YOU"RE WINNING!

There are some very intesting charts in it. The number of offenders has plummeted five fold (figure 20), while the number of murders has dropped only by roughly half, as if they're winnowing down the number of total players while moving on to semi final contestants, as if they will come down to a handful of key actors. This has been seen many times before as initial chaos gives way to securely established criminal territories, as happened back in 20's and 30's. This might be backed up by figure 30, number of offenders with prior arrests, which trends up, indicating more seasoned, experienced killers. However, part of the drop in offenders might be due to the delay in clearing a case.

Fascinating stuff.
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