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I agree that Bashir was creepy in Chrysalis, but Bashir has always been a bit creepy when it comes to women. His obsession with Jadzia back in season 1 was bordering on harassment, his relationship with Melora was inappropriate, and his relationship with Leeta was so horrifying that they had to have it entirely off-screen. Face it, Bashir was a creep with women, that's why his main relationship on the show was with a man.

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Accordion Haddaway is far creepier than any vibe I got from Bashir.
It's amazing what you can find if you're willing to go to the uncharted areas of YouTube. But I must commend the accordionist, he played it with gusto.

Treachery, Faith, and the Great River (****)

Much like Garak, Weyoun is a character that improves an episode just by being in it, so an episode with two Weyouns is automatically a winner. On the surface, the episode's plot isn't all that original, it's about two people fleeing in a runabout which is the sort of stuff we've seen many times before. What makes this episode a classic is the interaction between Odo and Weyoun-6 which allows us to see a new angle on the Weyoun characters, the Vorta species, and the Dominion as a whole. Weyoun-6 may be defective, but he's still very clearly a Weyoun, perhaps with a smidgen of a conscience. Through Weyoun-6 we get to understand the true evil of the Founders, who turned a race of friendly forest-dwellers into a twisted corps of blindly loyal bureaucrats.

On Cardassia, and Damar's relationship with Weyoun-7 appears to be even less trusting and more acrimonious than the one he had with Weyoun-5, which is a delight for us viewers. The seeds of Damar's rebellion were planted long ago, but in this episode we can see the shoots appearing from under the surface. The suspicions the characters have toward one another, Damar's concern for the Cardassians that have died in the war so far, and his increasing habit of drinking at work are all clear indicators of where things are going. In the middle of all this, Dead Fish shows up and we get the revelation that the Founders are dying of an unknown illness. There's no indication of Section 31's involvement yet, but the writers are clearly planning ahead somewhat with this development.

Meanwhile, Nog steals Sisko's desk. The B-plot to this episode may be a retread of the B-plot from Progress, but it's such a delightful little story that I don't mind. They key difference is that before Nog was navigating the Great Material Continuum for profit, but now he's using his Ferengi business skills to his advantage as a Starfleet officer. It's a nice way to bring together Nog's roots with where he is right now, and there are a few great gags in the story as well.

That's it for me this year as I'll be taking a break from DS9 over Christmas. I hope you all enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate, and if you don't celebrate any then I hope you have a pleasant uneventful week.
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