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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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The reason to build up the Azog character is to have an actual leader of the Orcs in the Battle of Five Armies, rather than some random captain. Just like they built up that yellow deformed Orc captain in ROTK. In a book you can just fight a wave of enemies, but in a visual medium you need a recognizable leader to defeat to signify the victory.
Isn't the Goblin commander at the Battle of the Five Armies Bolg, son of Azog?
Yep. That's why I was kind of confused that they used Azog as the recurring antagonist instead of Bolg. Bolg still could have fulfilled the "death to the line of Durin!" roll that Azog had in AUJ, just have him swear vengeance for the death of his father Azog at the battle depicted in the flashbacks.
I think there are two reasons.

1. Having it a generational thing just makes it look petty. Thorin deserves his revenge, not to kill the guy who happens to be related to the guy who killed his grandfather.

2. Azog the Defiler is a much, much, much cooler name.

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