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Re: The Body Electric just hit iBooks

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^ The most recent Star Trek Kindle releases are $5.99 at amazon, so I have no idea where do you get the $2.03 gap, when it's only $0.40.
There are exactly two books at that price. The Body Electric is still at $7.59, as is anything before Cold Equations 1. I think the $2.03 gap is a good "typical example".

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And I still think it is considerably less work to sit in the train, push a button and have the book on my Kindle in about a minute, instead of having to wait till I'm home, download it on my PC, strip it of its DRM (which violates Books on Board's TOS, by the way), convert it and manually download it on my Kindle.
Then you're overly trusting of Amazon, if it's not a process you're doing for purchases from them directly anyways.
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