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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

The Andorian incident

I find the beginning of this episode to be both humorous and frustrating. Its funny watching TíPol give Archer and Trip stern instructions on how to behave like their little children. But the funnyness ends when you realise that Archer and Trip are acting like little children. Most of the instructions she gives them are basic courtesy that most humans would do anyway in a strangers home and there is a definite diplomatic vibe to this trip so they should be taking her advise seriously but instead Archer and Trip treat it more like shore leave and act as though TíPol is asking a lot of them and being really unbearably strict just because she told them to let her do the talking not touch any of the ancient relics.

Why yes Archer its so horrible of TíPol to ask you not to touch any of the ancient relics your mother always said it was okay to wander into strangers homes and touch whatever you wanted so long as it wasnít a murder scene. Cant have mommyís little angel get mistakenly sent to prison now can we

I love Jeffrey Coombs he is an awesome actor and great on DS9 and Justice League and also really nice that one time I got to meet him. And he is probably the best thing about this episode. Well him and Reed who is also awesome in this episode. They should leave Reed in charge more often as he is very competent

That one Andorian guy is down right creepy. The one who is very happy to have a female Vulcan as a prisoner. His sexual threats toward TíPol are just unnecessary the only purpose they serve is to mark him out as one of the bad guys which had already been successfully conveyed by his belonging to a group of angry paranoid hostage takers. Maybe if they had played his character off against Shrans to make Shran seem paranoid and dangerous but reasonable and the better of two evils it would have made more sense but no hes just evil cause hes evil.

Its interesting how the Andorians are right in the end but im not convinced that all of the priests were in on it. it is funny how the little figures working on the relay do not react at all to the sudden and obvious intrusion of Andorians and humans but then their only CGI. Overall I award this episode 4/5 the creepy Andorian guy drags the episode down from a being a full five
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