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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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It's that idiotic One Drop rule, isn't it...
No, but perhaps there's a corresponding one word rule.

"You said 'burrito'."
"So? It's a common English word."
"It's a Spanish word. That makes you hispanic."
"No it doesn't."
"Yes it does."
"But I'm Spanish, so I can't be hispanic."

I've read that in the EU, or at least in US dealings with the EU, a person who immigrates to Europe from Mexico or Central or South America is "hispanic", but a Spaniard is not, because they are Europeans. It just gets more confusing from there, as you get into Spaniards who've lived in Mexico for generations, who switch from being Spaniards to being Hispanics by moving to Spain, where they might instead be classified as Americans by everyone but Americans. Who knows?
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