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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Attenuating his Axial Servo, which Data did in Generations to open a magnetically locked door.
B is for Troi's & Crusher's firm Insurrection Boobs.
C is for Causality Loop. The Enterprise-D was caught in at least one of them.
D is for Data's balls.
E is for Exocomps. Data was utterly fascinated with the things.
F is for Fat Ferengi.
G is for Gorn clothing. It was skimpy. It was revealing. It was minimal.
H is for Holodeck. Data liked to play Holmes there.
I is for Iconian gateways.
J is for the Jarada, a mysterious insectoid race with a very difficult language for outsiders to speak.
K is for K-7. A space station near the old Klingon neutral zone where a huge tribble army has been breeding away in secret for many decades. Waiting for their chance to strike back at the Klingons. The final victory of the Great Tribble War is at hand.
L is for Lore, one of the three Soong "brothers"....and the most dangerous by far.
M is for Mugatu.
N is for Narendra III, a pivotal moment in the development of relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
O is for Organian Peace Treaty.
P is for Plato. Aren't we all Plato's children in a fashion?
Q is for Quark's Bar, the most happenin' spot near the Bajoran Wormhole.
R is for Redjac. Misogynistic Noncorporeal Life form.
S is for Stol, Quark's cousin who was mentioned repeatedly but seen just once.
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