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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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HoHoHoCutus wrote:
It's not my job to try and prove your point for you. You made a claim (that guns were completely banned in Russia), and I refuted it.
No, you didn't. I said they were banned about 90 years ago, and you refuted it with their current law. If I said the US banned alcohol 90 years ago, would you refute it by pointing to a modern beer commercial and say "See, no they didn't."
That is indeed when you said it began, but you also said that the ban lasted to the PRESENT DAY, and used it as an argument against banning guns in the PRESENT DAY because that allegedly leads to higher murder rates. Trying to limit it to a temporary measure undertaken in the days of Lenin and Stalin was just the way you moved the goalposts after I showed that your total gun ban in Russia today claim was bullshit. It's like you're completely unaware of the existence of a search function and think your lies will continue to go unnoticed.

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Russia banned them and got a murder rate ten times that of Poland, plus a whole Youtube genre of traffic confrontations where everyone piles out with sledgehammers and baseball bats, in a country where they don't even play baseball.
That must have been great Russian YouTube of 90 years ago, right Chekov?

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Russia hasn't allowed civilian gun ownership since the 1920's and has twice our murder rate.
"Since the 1920s" and still continuing, and quoting modern day murder statistics.

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No, I accept guns because they stop a lot of murders. As pointed out above, with guns we have about a fourth of Russia's homicide rate, almost none of which involves a gun.
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We also have a lower homicide rate than Russia
Again reiterating the point that fewer/no guns = higher murder rates in the present day using Russia as an example.

By the way, also take note of the fluctuating murder rate between Russia and the US from one quote to the next. Sometimes it's twice as high, sometimes it's four times as high. You can't even keep your numbers straight from one post to the next. It's almost as if you're just making stuff up as you go along.

I don't think you're fools. I know you are. Cops and gun owners have spent the last week thinking they're arguing with five-year old girls.
Cut this shit out.
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