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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

That's what wiki incorrectly says, while giving a citation to a 1918 decree by Lenin, and one in 1920, and articles 59 and 182 of the RSFSR criminal code (not to be confused with articles of the RSFSR code of criminal procedure), which should be from 1922 or 1926. Article 59 might cover using a weapon against the state, but isn't specific enough. All I've found online in English is a partial 1934 code link that has article 59 and the notorious article 58, but doesn't have the relevant section, which should be "Chapter VIII. Violation of rules preserving public health, social safety, and order", covering articles 179-192. I might be able to dig it up in JStor.

HoHoHoCutus wrote:
It's not my job to try and prove your point for you. You made a claim (that guns were completely banned in Russia), and I refuted it.
No, you didn't. I said they were banned about 90 years ago, and you refuted it with their current law. If I said the US banned alcohol 90 years ago, would you refute it by pointing to a modern beer commercial and say "See, no they didn't."

If you read through their period criminal codes, just about every provision, from avoiding taxes or smuggling to damaging anything on a railroad, or stealing any gun part or ammunition, has a penalty clause that ends with "up to the supreme measure of social defense -- shooting, with confiscation of property." Gay or perverted sex, in contrast, only got you five to eight years hard labor.

They were a disarmed population, and they still only have about a thousandth as many rifles and pistols as Americans, and yet their murder rate was higher than ours under communism, and is still higher. Getting 70 or 80 percent of our guns out of circulation is largely a fantasy, and the Russians are at a point equivalent to getting 99.9 percent of our guns out of circulation, and it's worse than where we are now, and like us, they have large criminal gangs and drug problems.

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