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Re: WOLVERINE director search down to 8

Not exactly new information, but this is part of a Jackman interview from "Parade" in my local paper:

Speaking of The Wolverine, you look ripped in those first pictures we've seen. I gather that's not painted on?

I wish! I keep thinking, "Come on, you spend millions on CGI, can't you throw a quarter million my way for visual effects so I can eat pizza and drink beer and still look great?" No, I had to do it the hard way. Let me tell you, at 44 it's not getting easier.

Give us a little scoop on the film.

You want to get me into trouble, don't you? [laughs] Okay, the movie takes place after X-Men: The Last Stand. My character is at his lowest. He is supposed to be able to heal himself, but he may encounter someone who has worked out a way to really hurt him. And there is a cameo from one of the past X-Men in it.
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