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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

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I...feel that the dynamic of the loving platonic friendship of Holmes and Watson would be undermined if one of the characters were changed to a woman. There's always the temptation of some writer to add sexual tension and so few of them do it well.
There are plenty of shows on TV today featuring male and female characters with no sexual tension at all -- characters who are pure coworkers (e.g. Mac and Jo on CSI:NY or Reese and Carter on Person of Interest), or whose relationship is more like surrogate brother and sister (e.g. Pete and Myka on Warehouse 13) or surrogate father and daughter (e.g. The Middleman and Wendy on The Middleman). So in this day and age it simply makes no sense to assume that any male-female relationship in television is obligated to be romantic.

Besides, as Holmes himself said, it is a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the facts. The facts are these: Currently there are three active incarnations of Sherlock Holmes in the mass media: the Robert Downey/Jude Law films, Sherlock, and Elementary. Elementary is the only version in which Holmes and Watson are not both male. And Elementary is also the only version which, to date, has not featured sexual tension between Holmes and Watson. The other two versions wallow in gay innuendo; Elementary has so far kept things absolutely platonic between the leads.

Don't make me into a female misogynist because I think Watson should remain a man.
Okay, tell me this: How would you feel if they were both women? If your problem is with their sex relative to each other, why cast your complaint solely in terms of what Watson's sex is?
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