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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

Joanne Woodward is awesome times ten. I love, love, love her work. The first time I ever saw her was in the television movie Sybill as the psychiatrist to Sally Field's titular character. The scenario described for the linked movie is intriguing, being that it was in the context of a self contained movie. The set up sounds great with the man being in the psychiatric hospital. I have to check that out. Thanks.

When it comes to turning male characters to female, I think what puts me off of it was what happened to the Starbuck character in the nuBattlestar. Initially the character was great and I had no problems with Starbuck becoming female, but what did the writers do? They had the character become the object of a prolonged, badly written love triangle/quadrangle between Apollo, Anders, and Dee that dragged on for two bloody seasons. They couldn't keep the original Apollo/Starbuck friendship intact.

But--that's only my opinion. I just felt that necessary character development for all four characters was neglected. Maybe Elementary does it better, but I prefer the Freeman/Cumberbatch dynamic. To each her own.

I never thought about Sherlock throwing the thug out of the window as being a test for down the line. Kudos to the writers if they were that forward thinking.

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