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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Resurrection: Fantastic episode. Very X-Files to set the scene. I was blown away by Dr. Keffler who kept the whole Nazi evil eugenicist in the realm of a the subtle psychological thriller AND managed a whole lot of expressive play with cigarettes that would have been camp if overplayed but wasn't.

Looking up the actor Brad Greenquist I see he was on Enterprise, Voyager and Deep Space Nine

I could have looked at this guy all day. Rather good looking in a different kind of way too.

EDIT: I just realized who he looks like, I've been racking my brains.. he looks like Breivik the Norwegian mass killer! I take back what I said about him being good looking!! gah
I kind of thought he looked a bit like me, especially with easy-going evil attitude and cigarette, or maybe my cousin Heinz Eck, who looks very much like me - and was executed at Nuremberg for war crimes.

My mother is proud of him for not fingering Doenitz. She is an Eck. Typical.


It got him a wiki page and a book Chapter 1, with pic

He and his crew were captured by "the Somaliland Camel Corps."


I find this amusing. I don't think the Kriegsmarine trained U-boat crews properly for camel attacks.


But why would they?

*smashes out cigarette with a slow twisting motion*

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