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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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^Well, sure, there are going to be works that are more suited to a given format than others. But individual examples aren't universal rules. You're perfectly entitled to want your work to be presented in a certain format if that format is important to the artistic integrity of that particular work; but that has exactly nothing to do with the relative merits of digital vs. hardcopy in general terms.
I really don't think I was trying to make a general comment on the relative merits of digital v. hardcopy. Just throwing another example into the mix.

Remember, I said I think I'd actually prefer download of the Trek music. I don't generally buy cds at all, thanks to Grooveshark. But I do buy old vinyl for the historicity, aesthetics, and (frankly) conditioning from my youth associating pleasure with vinyl records. But if I want pristine sound, I am skipping the plastic and going direct to data stream.
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