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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

Ahhhh, I didn't even know this series existed. That's how little I watch network television anymore. I think I'll stick with the BBC version. Jonny Lee Miller is great, but the Watson as woman thing just doesn't work for me. Certainly not with Lucy Liu in the part. I'm thinking of trying Merlin or some other BBC offering. Maybe Justified from FX. I hear good things. I'll need a fix to hold me until Sherlock comes back. Sob.

That naked scene with Irene was great. First time Sherlock ever got flustered but he recovered. Loved how he acted just the teensiest bit jealous when Irene cast a glance John's way on the sofa and talked about smart being the new sexy....if I wanted to look at naked women I'd have taken John's laptop. Meow, meow, Sherlock. That voice of his is to die for.

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