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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Here's one more person who found Julian super creepy in Chrysalis. The ep does try to acknowledge the creepiness, by having it drive Sarina back into herself. That helps a bit, but the ending doesn't quite seem to recognize the extent of the wrongness. Sarina may be intellectually advanced, but she was socially and emotionally disabled. So it comes off as a doctor taking advantage of a mentally challenged women because he's lonely.

Also putting it together with other actions of Julian's paints him in a very bad light. He seems quite a creeper when you combine his actions in Chrysalis with also stepping over the dr/patient line in Melora and his later willingness to use medial test results as an excuse to get Ezri to come talk to him. Any one of those I'm ok with, but all 3 indicate a pattern of ignoring medical ethics to pick up women. I really like Julian aside from those things, so I choose to erase Melora and Chrysalis from memory to maintain my teenage fan girl crush.

Aside from the creep factor, the major nit I have to pick with Chrysalis is that the first time around with the Jack Pack, Sarina was in love with Jack. But this episode just forgets that. I think exploring the reasons why a relationship between Sarina and Jack wouldn't have worked and seeing more of how Sarina no longer fit in with her friends would have been more interesting that what we got.

For Julian's part, I don't think romantic interest in Sarina was necessary. He could have learned a more valuable lesson if his interest in her was strictly medical. Julian's main flaw is his arrogance and tendency to miss the trees for the forest. I'd prefer if he'd have been pushing Sarina to fit into the world as a result of his desire for medical success and proving that, with the right treatment, more genetically engineered can fit into society.

The pressure from Bashir to be normal without any understanding of normalcy and no longer fitting in with her own "normal" could have what drove Sarina back to her comfort zone. So Bashir's lesson would have been not to forget about the person behind the treatment instead of the one he learned, which is basically "don't be a creeper".

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