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Re: Scientist declares “Earth is F**ked" --Discuss?!

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...despite some of the positions you supported.
So are you ready to quote an article or essay written by a Nobel Laureate which has anything at all to do with any of the positions I supposedly supported? Or are you just going to keep dropping the names of people you assume would agree with you if only they were here?
Your obvious illiteracy in economics means you're barely qualified to read up on the basics, newtype. Here you go:

Start with the introduction and try to work your way down from there, yes?
My "obvious illiteracy" explains why you didn't notice when I quoted this very same page a week ago? And I even posted an excerpt so you could see I wasn't just making things up: the entry states pretty clearly that socialism is defined by state OWNERSHIP of the means of production, not merely control.

You've said MANY times "Everyone here can read what you've posted." Maybe YOU should start doing that too, yes?
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