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Captain, the Starfleet I joined was one where I'd have the freedom to lead my own personal life, I'd meet a lot of different people who I'd have the chance to know longer than a few days, and I'd have an opportunity for promotion and advancement. I could also leave whenever I wanted to, if I found out Starfleet wasn't for me.

"Mister Kim, I don't know what Starfleet you mistakenly thought you were joining, but what you just described bear no resemblance to the organization you in fact joined.

First off, where did you get the idea you could "leave whenever I wanted to?" You willingly entered into a service agreement prior to entering Starfleet Academy. Subsequent to your commission, you enter into to a certain number of years of service, and that term of service could be extended indefinably under certain limited circumstances, which our current situation meets. You were present in the briefing room when this matter was discussed and I can show you my log entry that invoked that clause in every member of this crew's agreements.

You knew ahead of time that service aboard a starship meant that your adorable "personal life" comes after the requirement of your duties.

This resent "adventure" on your part is proof that both Commander Chakotay and Lt. Commander Tuvok were correct in their evaluations of you, you're still not ready for promotion of any kind.

As far as advancement, I've place you on rotation for third watch bridge command officer, you want more? Earn it, get off your ass and cross train mister.


That is probably the correct response from Janeway, but don't you think the show would have been more interesting and more true to the species if this service agreement that suddenly turned into a lifetime commitment to stifle your basic human drives started to wear a little more on this quarter-Maquis crew?

And in this Starfleet universe, during peace time, would anyone really be stopped from resigning to focus on family or a different career?

Even Adama and Roslin eventually relaxed regulations that didn't impact the fleet's survival to make life more bearable in extenuating circumstances.
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