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I think the concept of the Borg Queen was a flawed one that started the Borg down the path of "villain decay." And the retconning of her being there in BOBW was kind of awkward.
Actually, the Queen fits very well into tBoBW. Have a read of my ebook version of the episode (link in my signature) to see how it works.

She seems to be both embodying the collective and ruling it, but why would a collective want to make themselves MORE vulnerable by "putting all their eggs in one basket" with a personal queen? A decentralized and impersonal collective makes more sense from a strategic perspective.
I view the Borg as a single mind made up of all the drones connected together through the Collective, much like your mind is made up of all your brain cells connected together. So the Queen is not vulnerable, because the only way to destroy her (not just her body) is to destroy all the drones throughout the whole Collective. Just destroying the body doesn't do anything, because it's just a puppet.

As to their "nobility," if their goal was really improvement rather than conquest why not simply OFFER assimilation rather than force it on unwilling species or individuals?
The Collective isn't noble. The queen is a spoiled brat. She wants something, and she takes it. Remember Scorpion? Janeway made her behave herself, and as soon as the Queen got what she was after, she gave a big "fuck you" to Janeway. of course, Janeway beat her at it, and the Queen's hated her ever since. The Borg Queen is a spoiled little bitch.

you're welcome to view the queen's retcon into BOBW as effective if you like. I disagree and think it was awkward. And First Contact's view on the queen doesn't gel with your take. In FC they take out the queen and the collective onboard the ENT-E becomes dysfunctional. So the personal queen DID make them more vulnerable.
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