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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Magus on a Star Trek wrote: View Post
^ The Joker knows the truth about Dent. Since the lie apparently works until Bane spills the beans eight years later, that means the Joker was silenced, or he played along with the lie.

I should probably buy Greg’s book. Does it address these questions?
That or anything the Joker said or claimed was dismissed as being the ramblings of a lunatic. I mean why NOT pin everything on him in order to preserve both the reputations of Dent and Batman? Shadier things are done and, really, in a round-about way the Joker was at fault. So pin it on him, detain him forever without a trial under the USA PATRIOT Act or something, toss him in Arkham and throw away the key.

07 Geese a Laying wrote: View Post
A few more observations after having seen the movie again…

- Fox couldn't have stopped Bane by flooding the area containing the bomb. Bane had already set everything up and just needed Fox's hand print.

- Batman diverted attention from Bane during the chase after the stock exchange incident. The ploice probably could have caught him if they hadn't decided to go after Batman.

- Kevin Smith discusses the movie here…

I disagree with one of his points. After having watched the trilogy all at once, I got the impression that Bruce hung up the cowl due to a combination of events in The Dark Knight, not just Rachel's death. Perhaps the "damage" done as Batman had gone far enough. And the job of rounding up the organized crime bosses was done anyway, so why not hang it all up.
I watched that the otherday and pretty much agreed with everything Smith said. Loved how they kept imitating the Bane voice.
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