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Re: So, what's up for Christmas?

My Christmas routine is exactly the same every year. One of these days it might be nice to do something a little different, and perhaps more enjoyable.

Morning: go to Grandma's house and have Xmas breakfast and then gift exchange with my Mom's side of the family. Bickering ensues. I get a headache.

Early Afternoon: my brother and I meet up with my Dad and his wife for gift exchange; bickering is kept to a minimum (unless my brother is in a bad mood in which case he may throw a temper tantrum like he's 12, not a 35 year old).

Mid-to-Late Afternoon: Seek refuge with one of my best friends and their family; eat; drink moderately to help me cope with the stress of enduring my own family

Evening: back to Grandma's for Xmas dinner and substantially more bickering; put in adequate face time and then politely excuse myself and leave at the earliest convenience
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