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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

They've written themselves pretty much into a corner throughout the show.

It was repeatedly stated that Ted met the mother at a wedding.. we've had several weddings in the show and Ted has met some women there (including Victoria who was a favorite to be the mother and would have been if the show got cancelled early) but i think they said it outright in the last season finale that Barney's and Robin's wedding would be THE wedding so it has to happen in this season finale.

Of course the writers can cop out and have Ted meet several women at the wedding and play the game up until the show finale (and i wouldn't put it past the producers) but it would be even lamer than the way the show already is concerning the mother storyline.

Have her appear at the wedding and spend the final season getting them to fall in love and marry them in the show finale (and then in the final scene have her appear past the kids to tell her side of the story leading to the spin off "How i met your father" ).
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