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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
That's pretty cool with the history.

So was there ever a close up of the exploded wing graphic that we can actually see "Constitution class" on it? That would definitely tie "Constitution class" to the TOS Enterprise in "Space Seed". Too bad the phaser diagram was only shown in "Trouble with Tribbles" though as it isn't as direct a tie-in.

It would appear that the only direct linkage of the TOS Enterprise to "Constitution class" comes from TNG's "Relics" and the new-FX TNG "Naked Now".
Well, the Star Trek History article explains it all better than I could. (At least) three different graphics were made and filmed for the "Space Seed" scene. Something that looks to be an airplane wing is the one that ultimately made the cut and got used. But the "Primary Phaser Constitution Class" cutting room floor graphic was later dusted off, had color added to it, and was used a season later in "Tribbles." So although its first episode appearance was in "Tribbles" it was actually made for and had close-ups taken for "Space Seed." I don't know what all this does for in-universe continuity (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz), but "Constitution Class" was actually scripted long before Greg Jein wrote his famous "The Case of Jonathan Doe Starship" article back in April of 1975. There's no reference to 1700 specifically for the Constitution, of course, but if the Enterprise was indeed a Constitution Class Star Ship at the time of "Space Seed," then attributing to the Constitution the nice, even number 1700 as seen in "Court Martial" doesn't seem implausible.

It looks like it's a battle for greater production legitimacy--between an undated MJ drawing and an actual, dated, Roddenberry-approved script.
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