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Re: How could the Dominion War doesn't effect the economy of Federatio

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So basically all that these supposed references give us is that dishes should be put back into the machine or mommy gets angry. We don't even learn what happens to the dishes when the button is pressed. Are they really recycled, or merely destroyed for convenience?
Well I don't know. Maybe there is no official info about this replicator in STar Trek
There are a few possibilities. One might be that if the plates, glasses and tableware are of a standard size and design, and are in constant use, the replicator system simply transports them out, strips away all biological matter (and anything else) and stores the various physical items for reuse. The replicator never breaks them down into their base components. Unless they are damaged in some fashion.

This would certainly save a considerable amount of energy. But would require a storage area for the items.

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Per the actual on-screen data:

"Replicators convert energy into matter" - matter was never mentioned.
What episode were you referring too?
Still waiting Deks.

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