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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post

It's obvious that a debatable pet theory of Greg Jein (partially adopted by Franz Joseph Schnaubelt) - not compatible with the original creator's intentions - became a popular myth that was eventually established by retroactive continuity in real life ("Constitution Class").
Well, hardcore Trek fans know that it's not really Greg's "pet theory."

Scene 44 of the Second Revised Final Draft for "Space Seed," dated December 13, 1966 has the following content:


It is covered with mathematical symbols and diagrams. CAMERA PULLS BACK to show Khan studying with great concentration. He pushes a button. Another transparency appears: a chapter heading, reading: BASIC SPECIFICATIONS, CONSTITUTION CLASS STAR SHIP.

Scenes 47 and 48 have similar content:

From 47:

...At the door, she [McGivers] turns and looks back at him. He gives her a strong, masculine, confident smile. She is about to say something, but turns and exits. Khan turns back to his studying. He pushes a button, stares back up at his screen.


A chapter heading: Basic Propulsion Systems, Constitution Class Star Ship.

Most folks know that a graphic was made expressly for this scene:

I guess it's debatable about how official it is if it's in the script or is screen visible but only to a select few or only to the Average Joe 40 years later in a DVD and HD era. But I don't think Greg was going out on some "pet theory" limb; he just had access to better official production information than most people did, and he was more knowlegedable on the subject than most people were.

More about this graphic is in Dave Tilotta's article at:
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