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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

The Collective isn't noble. The queen is a spoiled brat. She wants something, and she takes it. Remember Scorpion? Janeway made her behave herself, and as soon as the Queen got what she was after, she gave a big "fuck you" to Janeway. of course, Janeway beat her at it, and the Queen's hated her ever since. The Borg Queen is a spoiled little bitch.
The Queen is. The initial Queen-free Borg are not. The Queen is a mistake, brought in later, to much annoyance. She IS a frikken spoiled brat that desperately needs an arse beating for sure. If you see the Collective, she is the complete opposite, not in the smallest of ways even remotely Borg in doings.
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The trouble is that it isn't you anymore. You're stuck inside there, unable to do anything while your body is used to do the most horrific things to people, and all you can do is watch. The Borg don't even let you look away.
I disagree.
Yes, a lot has been cyphered away, such as individuality, emotions, bagage which the Collective does not need.
It is NOT gone, it is stored somewhere in the Collective, but in a folder (so to say) with unimportant data.
One simply 'learns' that the Collective is your new family, and that there is the only thing you have to think of.
As for the body: true, this is 'enslaved', however, when a Drone disconnects, why does it do about anything Borgly possible to reconnect?
This is the Drone strifing to rejoin the Collective, not 'merely a program telling him/her' to do so.
Furthermore: if a Drone dies, the body dies.
The 'soul' remains in the Collective.
Albeit 'deprived of individuality'.

I'd say: relieved of individuality, freedom and emotion, since these are the base of all that's evil.
War, crime, you name it, all falls back to these three things.
Lacking these, galactic peace is a fact.
Prove me wrong...
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