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Re: CW plans for a new Robin Hood series

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Whilst this is true, I can't imagine anything approaching the quality of HTV's brilliant Robin of Sherwood (I think it was just called Robin Hood in the US) for me THE definitive version...
Well, by Sturgeon's Law, most examples of any genre or story will be bad, but the corollary is that a few will be good. So that means if we want a second really good Robin Hood show, then it's good that people keep trying to make them, since eventually we're bound to get one, even if we have to sift through a few bad or mediocre ones to reach it.

In my experience, there can be more than one definitive version of a good thing. For a long time, the '90s FOX Spider-Man cartoon was the definitive Spidey series, superior to anything before or since. Then Greg Weisman's The Spectacular Spider-Man came along and blew it out of the water. If people had stopped making Spidey shows after the first really good one, then we wouldn't have gotten the even better one. (True, we're currently saddled with a significantly inferior one, Ultimate Spider-Man, but there are bound to be others in the future and eventually we'll get another really good one.)
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