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Re: VOY Caption This 95; Beverage

Thanks for the win!

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Chakotay: Problem with the coffee?
Janeway: I'll say. I ordered a Screaming Orgasm.
Chakotay: "Looks like the replicator had one..."

Chakotay: "That's an Enterprise D model replicator. It'll throw a tantrum if you don't order Earl Grey tea once every few days."
Janeway: "I want it off my ship."

Harry: "Now?"
Girl: "Not yet, ma cherie."
Harry: "Have another drink."
Tom: "What are you doing? Getting her drunk?"
Harry: "Drunk enough to go out with me, yes."
Tom: "It's a holodeck. You can reprogram her."
Harry: "You don't think I haven't tried?"

B'elanna: "One time, at Klingon camp, I stuck a Bat'leth..."

Neelix: "Um, danger? Purple swirly thing alert!"

Tuvok: "The Jimmy Saville investigation team want to have a word."
Neelix: "Ocampan... pan..."
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