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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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What a movie "needs" is entirely subjective of course, but it seems obvious that making things personal creates higher emotional stakes than making them impersonal.
Yes what a movie needs is entirely subjective and making things personal creates higher emotional stakes i fully agree with that.

But imh subjective opinion the movie had already done a good job of making things personal by making the Dwarves quest to Erebor about more than retrieving their long forgotten gold but about finding a home and the longing to belong, by developing Thorin's distrust of elves, and by focusing the story upon Bilbo's personal development which is what the book is about.

Imho Azog doeasnt really make things any more personal than they already were as his entire conflict is with Thorin. Bilbo is the main character and the one most relatable to the audiance and his personal journey is the focus of the movie Thorins quest is necessary but secondary to the personal journey that Bilbo undertakes thus Thorins conflict with Azog that primarily remains with those two characters seems highly unnecessary.

But thats just my own subjective opinion :P
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