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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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No, I don't mean the coda, I mean the entirety of the Company/Orc conflict at the end. All there should have been the Orcs chasing the Company up the trees, the fire is started, and the eagles save the day. No drawn out sequence of Thorin deciding to face Azog (and completely ignoring the peril of kinsmen, no less!), and Biblo and some of the dwarves eventually deciding to back him up. I understand the the need for the thematic angle for the Bilbo/Thorin relationship and I would have had Bilbo done a simpler act of saving Thorin or one of the dwarves from a warg to show that Bilbo was winning to get his hands dirty for Thorin's Quest.
Aha, sorry, I understand now. I still don't agree, because though the sequence is arguably a bit long, it is the climax of the movie and it improves on what I think is a very poor and unsuspenseful scene in the book.
And Shore's score at that moment is just pure opera. Great, great stuff.
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