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Re: First pic of Christine Vale?

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Pretty cool. Not quite what I imagined for vale. In my mind she was a bit more... Ezri-ish.

Weird question, that ultimately doesn't matter, but I'm curious nonetheless: Is there any wibbley-wobbly, timey-wimey way to rationalize Hive in a Pre- or Post-Destiny setting? (Heck, maybe even Peri-?) or is it so off the line that I can't be reconciled? I'm just curious if I should slot in the Hive TPB to my Post-Nemesis reading list or just give it a whirl when it arrives regardless of where I'm at.
I recall Christopher suggesting that it might be one of the alternate timelines where the the events of Before Dishonor and Destiny never happened and so the Borg eventually took over the galaxy he mentioned in Watching the Clock (I think that would cover Alien Spotlight: Borg too), although IIRC that was before the first issue was even released so the differences may be such that only an out-of-universe alternate continuity is the reasonable answer. And I have yet to read it, so...
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