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Re: Scientist declares “Earth is F**ked" --Discuss?!

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Read their work and see just how the concept of 'socialism' is used in it.
Actually, I HAVE read several books and articles written by these people (Paul Krugman, Lloyd Shapely and Elinor Ostrom are among the more prolific).

YOU, however, have not.
You seem to be under the recurring delusion that other people cannot read your previous posts.

The alternative being that you actually believe the dictum "I HAVE read several books and articles written by these people" to be credible, despite some of the positions you supported.

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Again it seems the biggest problem with those that worry about Socialism in this country is that they have no clue as to what Socialism is.
You seem to include me in the category that thinks socialism in certain sectors is not desirable.

If so, allow me to correct the misconception:
I think that in the sectors grouped together under the umbrella term 'social democracy', socialism is quite successful - far better than capitalism - as long as the money spent in these sectors comes from somewhere else.
Also, taxation should have 'socialist' undertones - specifically, the taxation system should be conceived so as to prevent the accumulation of too much wealth in too few hands - which will inevitably lead to the accumulation of political power to those few hands and to oligarchy (and the attendant generalized socialism and poverty for the majority of the population).
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