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Re: How would you have written Kim

Here is the original, in the first two minutes.

This is the way it should have gone down:

Harry: Captain you know the ratio of men to women in this crew.. short of lots of blokes dying in a horrible accident I've done the math and I know my chances here are next to nothing of getting any for the next 70 years. My ONLY HOPE lies outside this bunker that I'm trapped on.

:: sniffs loudly, wiping hand under nose ::

Janeway: Mr. Kim, I'm all for looking outside bunkers and I suggest you step outside your bunker of heterosexuality. You may find your luck improves greatly.

:: Janeway leans forward and places her hand comfortingly on Harry's arm ::

Janeway: Just between you and me Ensign I speak from experience.

That's all it takes. They don't even have to show us anything, just a little update from Harry some episodes hence where he thanks her for her advice just before exiting the turbolift.

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