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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

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I have never been silly in my life!

I'm just remembering all the trouble Stark went to wipe his memory, 6 or seven atomic powered super scrubbers, spread out across the world, he had to fight his way through a chore of rouges galleries to access, before he was comfortable enough to imprint himself with a backed up version of his personalty he felt safe with, even though he was unaware that it had been compromised by the Mandarin which turned him into a wind up toy soldier.
That was to wipe all the national security data including the superhero registration database and prevent Osborn from accessing it.
I know why, I'm laughing at how.

All that herculean shite Stark went through; yet Doctor Octopus could have done accomplished the same dealio with one gold Octodrone in a New York minute.
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